The one thing we have definitely learned during our long term experiences is:
Really professional nets for catching mammals and birds are almost impossible to find!

We know what it means to chase after animals in their enclosures using inappropriate apparatus - this results in stress for both the keeper and the animal! 

This is the reason why we decided to establish our own net-production, to match the everyday needs of professional animal keepers.


  • All the nets have a solid yet light weighted aluminium frame.
    (Heavy duty: stainless steel)
  • The handle is fixed to the frame by a screw device (heavy duty) or plug connector.
  • Handles are also obtainable in telescopic version (excepting heavy duty).
    This enables you to cover different catching distances and various sorts of applications.
  • Depending on the type, a variety of netting is available.
  • The frame is nylon coated. This protects the net fixture on the frame and subsequently reduces net wear. When tackling with fast objects, this enables to also catch along walls or on the ground without hesitation.