• Capture Nets by Zoological

    • Robust
    • Many different forms and sizes
    • successfully used in zoos all over europe
    Capture Nets by Zoological
  • Animal Heating System

    Natural stone heating - feel well warmth for all animals

    • Available in different sizes and electrical power ranges
    • Simple assembly (ceiling or wall– partially possible with direct animal contact
    Animal Heating System
  • Enrichment by Zoological

    • brings action into the exhibits and to your animals
    • stimulates nature-like search for food
    • is a fun factor for visitors and animals
    Enrichment by Zoological
  • Snake Handling Equipment

    Makes handling of your reptiles

    • simple
    • secure
    • efficient
    Snake Handling Equipment
  • Distance Catching with NetGun

    The efficient catching method for

    • fast animals
    • escaping animals
    • flying animals

    ...and it's fast, efficient and makes a lower stress level for animals and keepers...

    Distance Catching with NetGun
  • Zoo Animal Transport Crates

    • for all ainmals from A (ant eater) to Z (zebra)
    • for your own transport or IATA standard
    Zoo Animal Transport Crates
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