Artikelnummer PF-3763

Insectivore: bird breeding granules

-Supplementary feed for insectivorous and omnivorous birds and reptiles.
-During the laying phase, the feed can also be offered as a complete feed for birds
-High proportion of insect protein meal (25%)
-Shrimp shell meal as a natural source of chitin (3%)
-Fish meal (7%) and linseed products (6%) as natural sources of omega-3 fatty acids
-Contains various carotenoids
-Wide calcium-phosphorus ratio (3:1) and thus on the one hand suitable for the laying phase,
on the other hand to compensate for calcium-deficient ration components (e.g. unsupplemented
insects, minced meat)
-With phytase for better phosphorus utilisation (750 FTU/kg).
-With a ration share of at least 50% of the dry matter, the feed supplements minerals,
trace elements and vitamins, so that no further supplements should be necessary.
should be.
-Practical granule form for dry or wet feeding depending on the animal species and acceptance.


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