Artikelnummer SE-2
manufacturer Zoological

Snare Pole

Keep distance between you and the animal you want to catch
230,00 € *

A very popular pole for general use. The Snare pole is one of the most useful tools by animal control officers. Although used often for dogs and cats, this tool can be used for reptiles, such as large lizards and smaller crocodiles and a lot more...
This item will protect you by handling with agressive and dangerous animals - and safety first!
Strong, yet light in weight, this tool will provide many years of use!
Now available the new model from zoological - 
Heavy duty shaft with best grip.
Plastic coated steel cable for protecting the animals.
The cable fix itself so you can use both hands by handling the animal.
If you trough the knob at the end the cable expands itself and the animal can get easy out of the grip.
Probably the best snare pole worldwide available.

The pole is ca. 1,50 m long.

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