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Animal Capture Protection Gloves Mod. S

Certified protection against claws and teeth
299,00 € *
Stichfestigkeit / Puncture Resistance
  Mod.A Mod.L Mod.S
Handfläche / Palm 161 N 165 N 165 N
Verstärkungen Handfläche / Reinforcement Palm - 229 N 229 N
Handrücken / Back 161 N 165 N 196 N

EN388:2003These gloves are designed for safe handling and catching of animals. They are suitable for police, animal catching services, veterinarians, zoos and animal parks. Their material composition and practical cut ensures great resistance to biting, tearing and shredding, while maintaining maximum possibility flexibility and sensitivity when dealing with animals. 

Smooth gloves with a high wearing comfort and long wrisband - certified related to EN388:2003.
Sleeve/Wrisband: protection for complete forearm and elbow

Upper material
- Grain cowhide leather with hydrophobic treatment (palm and back)
- Cordura (wrisband)

- Aramid knit with increased grammage (palm and back)
- 100% Kevlar (wrisband)

- Internal reinforcement: PU foam (back of thumb), PE foam (back of glove, including fingers / wrisband)
- Leather reinforcement: palm section of glove, thumb, little finger and index finger

- Metal ring to hang gloves onto a snap hook


Of course, even such special materials cannot guarantee 100% protection, but can significantly reduce the risk!

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