Artikelnummer ZAF-1-DSN
manufacturer Zoological
Länge 0.47 Meter
Breite 0.60 Meter
Höhe 0.15 Meter

Zoo Animal Feeder 1

Electronical regulated feeding (dry food)
550,00 € *
  • housing made out of almost indestructible, weatherproof and impact-resistant High Density Polyethlen
  • 12V electric motor
  • power supply included in package
  • up to 8 feeding times per day with adjustable feeding duration, controlled by an "easyto-configure" digital unit
  • feed contains: app. 22kg (standard) / 48kg (large)
  • weight feeder: app. 9,5 kg (standard) / 15kg (large)
  • measuring into doses by conveyer screw
  • wall or hang mount, dispenses most grains, pellets and chunks.
  • for any kind of hoofstock (e.g. giraffes, antilopes,...) and rhinos, elephants, apes, monkeys etc.