Artikelnummer ZL-BCB1
manufacturer Zoological
Länge 0.70 Meter

Big Cat Bungee

0,70 m, expandable up to 1,20 m
180,00 € *

This Bungee is dedicated to the big cats in the zoos, e.g. Lions, Tigers....
It is made for the animals about 100 KG plus.
To add meat on it´s end or a playball, scentball or a foodball.
Just great interaction - your cats will love it!
This bungee is about 70 cm long and will expand to 1,20 m.
It is easy to add a chain or a rope on the bungee, if you need it "longer" .The outer shell is brown and water resistent. So you can use the bungee of course indoor and outdoor.
All parts of these bungees are replacable - so if anything of the assembly breaks it is easy for you to get an spare part - and you do not have to buy a complete new bungee!

Color: brown
Length: 70 cm - expandable up to 120 cm


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