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Reed Tile

Material: PE, hardly inflammable

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  • Physical fatigue of material because of different weather conditions does not occur.
    A Fiber Reed roof will last more than 50 years.
  • Totally maintenance free. No additional maintenance cost.
  • Fiber Reed is U.V. Protected. Fading of color will be so slight that it will not be noticeable.
  • PVC and Polyolefin FR Fiber Reed is fire protected and the risk of flying sparks does not exist. An open fireplace is allowed.
  • Insurance premiums are the same as that of most conventional roof types.
  • Rodents, birds, insects will not frequent a Fiber Reed roof.
  • Storm damage can be repaired easily. Fiber Reed is supplied in a D.I.Y. tile, which is simply replaced or placed back in position.
  • Will pass winds in excess of 180k.p.h.
  • Installation cost is low, as no specialized craftsmen are needed. --> Look at the installation instructions
  • Can be installed on a pitch as low as 25 degrees.

Physical Properties of Polyolefin Material:

  • Elongation 420.9% – ASTM D638.98 Test method.
  • Tensile strength 21.7 N/mm² – ASTM D638:98 Test method.
  • Tensile modulus 1056.2 N/mm² – ASTM D638:98 Test method.
  • Shore D hardness (median) 64 – ASTM D2240:00 Test method.
  • Izod impact strength 139.60 J/m – ASTM D256:97 Test method.
  • Flexural strength  23.0 N/mm² – ASTM D790:98 Test method.
  • Flexural modulus  796.8 N/mm² – ASTM D790:98 Test method.
  • Density, average  1.01 g/cm³ – ASTM D792:98 Test method.
  • Water absorption  0.019 % – ASTM D570:95 Test method.
  • Compressive strength  23.5 N/mm² – ASTM D695:96 Test method.
  • Vicat Softening point 124°C – ASTM D 1525:96 Test method.