Artikelnummer SE-10/3
manufacturer Zoological

Protection Gloves Special

Good protection against biting animals
170,00 € *

These Gloves are made for protection of your palms against bites and scratches of curios animals by catching them. They protect your palms against venomous snake bites and are able to protect your life!
They are very thin ( about 3 lays of paper ) so the are useful to wear them under the other protective gloves.
Even they are such thin, they have a high safeness against pricks and bites! 
The protection against perforation is only at the palm of the Gloves.
They confirm to the Europäischen Norm EN388 and reached the effort level
Also with a test with an injection needle with a diameter of 0,813 mm they were needle proof within to 267 g.
Please notice : There is no 100% for protection against poison bites but this item may safe your life!

This item will protect you by handling with agressive and dangerous animals - and safety first!

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