Artikelnummer ZL-K-3N
manufacturer Zoological

Professional Capture Net / Pentagonal

This net is suitable for catching animals up to the size of e.g. sandcats or smaller primates like squirrel monkeys.
215,00 € *

The frame is made of sturdy aluminium tubing plus nylon coating. This protects the nets fixture on the frame and subsequently reduces net wear.
When tackling with fast objects, this enables to also catch along walls or on the ground without hestination.

  • Net - depth : 1,20 m
  • 2 net types available:
    - fine but tough mesh (black)
    - strong black fabric
  • Frame is 50 cm high and 50 cm wide
  • Pluggable connection net / stick
  • Incl. sturdy telescopic stick (1m - 3m)

For this net we recommend strongly only to use just the two lower sections up to 2 m of the telescopic stick.
The telecsopic stick is extendible up to 3 meters.