Artikelnummer PF-959.60
manufacturer Protector Zoo Feeds
Gewicht 25.00 Kilogramm


Pellet 8 mm round - suitable for browser zoo animals like giraffes, okapis, roedeers, moose, duiker, as well as intermediate feeders like deers...

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  • Balanced fiber composition, highly suitable for browsers with high contents of fermentable fiber from apple pomace, soybean hulls and beet pulp
  • Protein content adapted to the needs of browsers with regard to the lower protein content of European alfalfa
  • Calculated corresponding to the latest information on herbivore feeding
  • Little cereals and thus lower in sugar and starch
  • High levels of vitamin E and organic selenium
  • Copper supplemented for the higher needs of cervids
  • Biotin supplemented for horn and fur
  • No mineral iron is substituted
  • Linseed products for a naturally high content of omega-3-fatty acids
  • Bicarbonate for the prevention of ruminal acidosis
  • With an appropriate ration composition there is no need of additional supplements thanks to adequate vitamin- and mineral supplementation

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