Artikelnummer AA-B2a-gruen
manufacturer Zoological
Gewicht 35.00 Kilogramm
Länge 0.70 Meter
Breite 0.70 Meter
Höhe 0.70 Meter

Food Ball 70cm, with mounting bracket, 1cm wall

Long term activity for bears
1.140,00 € *

This food ball can be filled with small food pieces (like pieces of carrots and apples, pellets...) through the lid to be moved around by the animal and subsequently receives food reward. There are 3 holes placed in the ball that are reinforced with screw in adaptors.

These have stand off extensions within the ball so that the food does not roll out easily, which makes it more challenging for the animal to manipulate. The food holes have an diameter of 3 cm. We deliver too even one set of 2 cm and one set of 5 cm stand off extensions for the food holes so you are able to improve the challenge!

All fittings made of stainless steel so they can withstand hardest treats over long years!
Our balls have a wall thickness of 1 cm!
Therefore they count to the toughest balls worldwide! ...really heavy duty balls!

To prevent strong animals from fixing it in a corner and maltreating it, hanging installation is required.

Diameter: 70 cm
Colour: Olive green
Weight : approx. 40 KG 


Diameter 70 cm
Wall Thickness 1,0 cm
Mounting Brackets 1
Food Holes 3
Filling hollow

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