Artikelnummer AA-B1b-gruen
manufacturer Zoological

Play Ball 70 cm, heavy duty, with mounting brackets

The toy for elephants and rhinos
990,00 € *

For use with an Elephant Bungie or with chains. If the ball is mounted the unit will spin freely.
It is the ultimate play toy for elephants and rhinos to let out some excessive aggressions!
It is too suitable as soccer ball, with no additional items or costs.
The ball has a wall thickness of 1,5 cm and is additionally filled with foam.
This playball is probably the toughest play ball worldwide!
We have too a lot of success to enrich Hippos with this ball...

Diameter: 70 cm
Colour: Olive green

Diameter 70 cm
Wall Thickness 1,5 cm
Mounting Brackets 2
Food Holes 0
Filling foam