Artikelnummer AA-B2ccc-gruen
manufacturer Zoological

Play Ball 70 cm, sturdy

1 cm wall thickness, tested by experienced play-animals
600,00 € *

This is just a huge playball!
A great fun for nearly all bigger animals.
It is a fine play toy to let out some energy and excessive aggressions!
It can be used as play - or soccer ball.
This ball swims fantastic.
So it is also a big fun for marine mammals like sea lions and all the others.
Therefore they count to the toughest worldwide available!
If you search for a really heavy duty, hollow play ball then try these balls.

Diameter: approx. 70 cm
Wall thickness: approx.1 cm
Colour : olive green


Diameter 70 cm
Wall Thickness 1,0 cm
Mounting Brackets 0
Food Holes 0
Filling hollow

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