Artikelnummer ZP-HBG
manufacturer Zoological
Länge 1.00 Meter
Breite 0.50 Meter

giraffes food bag

Using this food bag will significantly extend the browsing time of your giraffes.
The swinging mounting results in continous motion of food and - because of that - continous motion of animals.

The bag is 1m long and has a diameter of about 50cm.

By default there are 5 holes (diameter 10cm) for picking out food, big enough to pull out even hey and/or lucerne.
If you wish a customization of hole (number, diameters,...) please feel welcome to contact us.

The used material is

  • extremely lightweight,
  • even so heavy duty,
  • washable up to 90°C
  • water permeable texture

The mounting consists of two crossed straps to resist high drag forces.

The lower part of the bag contains a heavy duty ring of a stainless steel tube which permanently stretches down the food bag even if it is empfty.
This ring can easily be dismounted for washing/disinfect the textile part of the system.

Practical Tip
Who wants to exceed the feeding time of his giraffes, can give one or more food balls into the filled food bag.
So the giraffe has to try getting pellets out of the ball - out of the hey - out of the bag...
...and this is really a long term enrichment...