Artikelnummer ZL-BS1W
manufacturer Zoological
Länge 0.50 Meter

Bungee, short

50-90cm, different tension levels available
130,00 € *

This Bungee is desgned to add meat on it´s end or a playball, scentball or foodball.
Just great interaction - your animals will love it!

Die einzelnen Zugkraft-Stufen sind u.a. für folgende Tiergruppen geeignet:

  • Weak (animals 10kg+)
    e.g. Racoons, Monkeys, Small Cats and Carnivores... 
  • Medium (animals 30kg+)
    e.g. Monkeys, Cats and Carnivores...
  • Strong (animals 50kg+)
    e.g. Monkeys, Cats and Carnivores...

This bungee is about 50 cm long and will expand to 90 cm.
It is easy to add a chain or a rope on the bungee, if you need it "longer" . The outer shell is brown and water resistent. So you can use the bungee of course indoor and outdoor.
All parts of these bungees are replacable - so if anything of the assembly breaks it is easy for you to get an spare part - and you do not have to buy a complete new bungee!

Color : brown
Length : 50 cm - expandable up to 90 cm

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