Artikelnummer PF-3633
manufacturer Protector Zoo Feeds
Gewicht 25.00 Kilogramm

Wildlife Park Feed

Pellets 4-5 mm, round, for roedeers , deers, ibex, chamois, moose, reindeer, european bison and many other wild herbivores

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Finally a feeding especially for nordic zoo animals (intermediate feeders):

  • High fiber pellets suitable for most nordic herbivores
  • Easy fermentable fiber for all browsers by apple pomace and turnip snippets
  • Less grain and starch for a proper gastrointestinal tract
  • Low protein contents adapted to the europeam lucerne
  • Copper-supplemented to the higher need of cervids (total in feed: abt. 30ppm)
  • Additional organic selene to supplement feed coming from grounds poor of selene 
  • No mineral iron substituted
  • High content of vitamine E
  • Linseed products for a naturally high content of omega-3-fatty acids
  • Bicarbonate for the prevention of ruminal acidosis
  • With an appropriate ration composition there is no need of additional supplements thanks to adequate vitamin- and mineral supplementation

Not suitable for copper sensitive herbivores (e.g. sheep, llama, alpaka)!