Artikelnummer PF-27373
manufacturer Protector Zoo Feeds

Fish-Eater Tabs

Tabs, 2.2g in tins á 1000 pcs., for fish eating zoo animals

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In a natural environment, fish-eating animals, such as penguins, seals and dolphins, feed on a huge variety of species of fish, molluscs and crustaceans. In a zoo environment, often only a small selection of fish species is available for feed and, moreover, this is not fresh but thawed.

During storage and the thawing process, water-soluble vitamins and vitamin E are lost. This loss is variable, depending on the species (saltwater fish > freshwater fish), duration of storage, thawing and feeding method, but in any case should be replaced by a standardised supplement.

  • Standardised vitamin supplement for fish-eating zoo animals
  • Vitamin E and B1 supplement according to scientific recommendations
  • Water-soluble vitamins to compensate thaw water loss
  • No added vitamins A and D to avoid over-supplementation
  • No added salt for flexible supplementation
  • Dosage recommendations for body weight and/or feed intake

All necessary information about dosage and specifications you will find inside the bochure.