Artikelnummer PF-2994-0
manufacturer Protector Zoo Feeds
Gewicht 25.00 Kilogramm

Carnivore Supplementary Feed

Supplementary feed (granules) for carnivores, particularly big cats

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  • Perfect addition to meat rations with all the essential nutrients for all big cats
  • Vitamin levels specially tailored to the needs to prevent hypo- and hypervitaminosis
  • Linseed meal extract for natural omega-3 fatty acids
  • Fish meal as a natural source of arachidonic acid
  • Needs-based substitution with arachidonic acid, linoleic and linolenic acid, and taurine for healthy feline carnivores
  • High Ca:P ratio for supplementing the ration of meat with a low proportion of bone
  • Developed in collaboration with zoo veterinarians and in accordance with the latest research results and requirement figures

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