Artikelnummer SB2
manufacturer Zoological
Länge 0.25 Meter
Breite 0.25 Meter
Höhe 0.25 Meter

Snack Ball, large

This is a nice done smaller food ball for a lot of diffrent species, mostly used rolling on the ground.

We have enriched very successful a lot of diffrent species - up to camels and tapirs.
We too were extremly effective by offering Marmosets, birds and other insectivores their grashopper and crickets by hanging up the ball.

Therefore the ball is dark, the insects leave the ball only from time to time and so you can easiely enable your animals a good hunt for insects over the whole day.
The ball is divided in two parts. You will fill the food in the upper part. Then the foodpieces have to be worked at the sides of the separation into the lower part of the ball and will be given free by the hole at bottom. 

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